Shutter - Extrait de Parfum

Shutter - Extrait de Parfum

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Sweet, metallic, and acidic. While instant photos have made a comeback in recent years, the chemicals used in film production have changed, and thus the treasured classic scent has disappeared. Desperate for a virtual time capsule of the official scent of photography before real-world samples were rendered unviable, Xyrena’s Killian Wells collaborated with perfumer Carlos Torres to create Shutter™, the first and only fragrance of its kind. Deadstock instant, 35mm, and medium format films from decades past (1981, 1998, 2001, 2006-2009) were sourced from around the world and used as reference; some had sat at room temperature, and others were kept in refrigerated storage for years. The collective aroma of the various films' olfactory qualities inspired Shutter’s formula, which includes ingredients like acetic acid & camphor, historically used in both perfumery and photography applications. Shutter captures the essence and excitement of opening a new pack of instant film or sniffing a fresh film canister. The fragrance also conjures memories of other analog favorites like VHS video, cassette tapes, and vinyl records. Strike a pose and click Shutter to capture a throwback like no other perfume can develop.

Xyrena produces both avant-garde and highly wearable modern fragrances, along with those that fall somewhere in between. Fragrance preference is entirely subjective; however, we provide our assessment of wearability below.

Avant-garde: This fragrance is more likely to be appreciated as a nostalgic collectible or room spray than a personal scent.


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Picture Perfect

As someone who spent a lot of time in a 24 hour photo store as a kid this is spot on what that smells like. I loved it so much I gifted it to my photographer friend and she said it was spot on. I think this is an easily wearable scent. It reminds me a lot of the dipytique genre, but with nostalgic lean to it. I’m so happy to have this in my collection.

Daniele Vicini
Un profumo che evoca ricordi

Quando si dice che un profumo debba evocare ricordi, shutter è perfetto per questa tesi. Il profumo di quando portavo a sviluppare i rullini dal fotografo.

Carolyn Antol
Smells very nice

Smells very nice. Woody and a little soapy.