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RUSH® - Extrait de Parfum
Andrew Stapelkamp
Oh the Rush

I went in thinking ok nice gimmick, must own. But I am pleasantly surprised how good this is. Even the next day I can still smell it on me. Beautifully crafted and balanced. Highly recommend

if you're thinking about it just do it

Low commitment way to see what you think of a few interesting new scents

Anything But Basic

TbThis scent is a mainstay in my Fall fragrance rotation. It's pumpkin spice soapiness and immediately puts me in a fall mood.

Picture Perfect

As someone who spent a lot of time in a 24 hour photo store as a kid this is spot on what that smells like. I loved it so much I gifted it to my photographer friend and she said it was spot on. I think this is an easily wearable scent. It reminds me a lot of the dipytique genre, but with nostalgic lean to it. I’m so happy to have this in my collection.

Fuel for the Soul

This is a dream come true. While not my usual type of scent, it reminds me of so many things I love. Leather car seats. Check. Gasoline. Check. Throw in some motor oil to dirty it up and you've got another winner from Xyrena.

Basic is good!

Aren't we all longing for a simpler life? Complexity bears stress and many hurdles, as opposed to the soothing comfort of basicness.. that's what you get from this one - comforting basicness. And apples.

Works as a good layered scent

I love the smell, I wish it was a bit stronger and longer lasting compared to other Xyrena fragrances. Works well with other colognes. Not entirely powerful enough to be a stand alone, but still a worthwhile addition.

It smells good, but kinda disappointing

This is not bad, just kinda lackluster compared to other fragrances I have purchases on here. I was hoping for it to stand out more like some of the other scents on here, but it comes off fairly similar to other colognes out there. The opening scent is refreshing, but the remaining is similar and while a great warm weather fragrance, doesn't have me coming back for another bottle. It was a cool idea, just slightly underwhelming. It's not terrible, just forgettable which is a word I normally don't use for Xyrena.

To me it kinda Smells like pine mixed with caramel popcorn. Package came safetly

80s powerhouse

It’s an 80s powerhouse in the best way. A classic aftershave at first sniff, and the pepper hits you on the dry down. I like to imagine it would be right up Bateman’s alley.


Great packaging love the vhs 📼 box and great scent


The most realistic tomato vine/leaf fragrance I've ever smelled. I'm usually disappointed by tomato scents as they approximate "tomato" to the same kind of green sharpness you find over and over again in garden/tomato/basil candles, soaps and room sprays. This is in a whole different dimension. It captures the wet, lush, fuzzy green of the vine with depth and convincing character. Bravo!

I like the scent

I really like this scent. It has a few notes that I have always found appealing. First, I feel like there is a hint of la leather smell. The second is ozone. It has other notes that complete the package. I would definitely buy this again. I am curious about their other scents.

Rest in Peace

That’s exactly what you’re gonna do anytime you spray this scent on your pillow. Pairs with Blue Dream like a literal dream but stands strong on its own like you will after a good nights sleep.

Smells Like Free Spirit

At first sniff this was instantly nostalgic, comforting and familiar but I couldn’t figure out why. It took a few minutes then I realized.. Burberry London for Men! My signature scent back in college in 2008, in Austin coincidentally enough. Both fragrances have prominent tobacco notes, Space Cowboy has suede and cedar while London has leather and guaiac wood. But it’s in these base notes that the similarities end. Space Cowboy opens fresher and greener. It’s more versatile, complex and changes more throughout the wear; overall a more enjoyable wearing experience (as much as I love London). Can be worn all year round as a signature scent, is unisex, mass-appealing and has character. I will be reminiscent of my years in Austin every time I wear this fragrance, which were some of the most exciting, spontaneous and adventurous times of my life. Another great job from Xyrena. Yee haw!

Sweet Synthetic Intoxication

This is my 3rd favorite fragrance of all time, and my favorite of the 16 Xyrena fragrances I own at the time of writing this review. It is everything I look for in a fragrance. 1. It’s sweet: cherry-like (“red” smelling), obviously synthetic, somewhat floral-like, somewhat fresh.. I could be wrong but I’m guessing heliotropin and hedione (heliotropin is my favorite perfume ingredient, go figure!). 2. It’s unique: paired with this sweetness is the bold vinyl accord which is exactly as written in the fragrance description. When my girlfriend smelled it in the air she said it smelled like cherry rubber, which is about right. There is no other fragrance out there that smells anything like this, and yes it will turn heads. 3. It’s a beast: one spray will fill a room and stay on clothing for days, I haven’t even felt the need yet to do more sprays than that. Definitely the best performance of all the Xyrenas I own. 4. It’s nostalgic: evocative of childhood toys and great memories, at least for me. For those who don’t have those memories or aren’t into synthetic, rubber-smelling notes, this can be off-putting. It definitely isn’t for everybody but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 5. It’s layer-able! Because it’s so unique it’s a pretty “situational” fragrance on its own, but it’s easy to layer due to being so linear and “simple” in the sense that you mostly only smell two notes from this. Any time you want to add sweet vinyl to another fragrance just spray this (advisably under the other one since it’s so strong) and you’re good to go!

Thank you Xyrena for this happiness in a bottle and I hope for more avant-garde fragrances like this that are sweet (specifically “red” smelling), unique, nostalgic beasts.

Great way to decide your favorite

Shipped super carefully and they smell so good! Definitely recommend getting to try a few scents out before getting a full bottle.

Love the fragrance, but throws very little scent in an average size room.

Beautiful fragrance.

The Best Woods Fragrance Out There

Of the hundreds of fragrances I’ve smelled, none is a better “pure woods” scent than this. Imaginary Authors Cape Heartache gives some similar vibes but they are two very different fragrances (and it’s not redundant owning both). As another review mentioned, Cosmic Woods is a perfect fall and winter go-to. Very wearable; my family members love this on me, whereas they’re not such big fans of more avant-garde frags for daily wear. Despite the mass-appeal, this is still an interesting scent that doesn’t get old. Performance is good thanks to the ISO-E. There’s a little sweetness that’s just enough to give it an addicting quality but still smell like real woods (and like the ET Ride, which I loved as a kid). Finally, like other Xyrenas, the Hedione is the secret star that in this case really makes it Cosmic.

Complex and wonderful.

Very well put together, the notes on each fragrance are pretty spot on. Absolutely worth trying them all!

Great 90/00s scent

The scent is beautiful and very smooth and mass appealing very reminisce of the fragrances of that era but it does seem so sit close to the skin but I haven't tried it the hotter seasons yet

Save yourself $110 and just get the Bod Man “fresh guy” body spray on Amazon. Absolutely does not smell like the description. Regretting this blind buy, two stars for projection and longevity

Drop-Test Approved!

I drop-tested this. For the Gram of course. One test off camera, for practice. 3 feet over wood with a bottle of Pool Boy by Xyrena carefully placed inside. Bottle was fine. Case was fine. Did a livestream recording of two more drops so everyone could see in real time that everything was fine. Between 4-5 feet. Bottle was fine. Case was fine. That's right, no scuff marks on the case. I've seen Xyrena drive a car over it and throw it at a brick wall. Everything was fine. Add to that the throwback style and I'm looking forward to taking Xyrena with me on all my travels!

had a really strong smell at first. it does resembled the Pirates ride a bit and leaves a nostalgic feel! i light it for a few minutes and leave the lid closed. it’s enough that it won’t irritate anyone’s noses. i don’t recommend stuffing ur nose with the wax as you would with other candles because it is VERY strong